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Innovative Communication Solution for Protective Masks

The GAS MASK ADAPTER (DGMA) represents a breakthrough in tactical communication, designed to facilitate seamless integration between protective masks with Electronic Communications Ports (ECPs) and the operator's individual headset and push-to-talk system. This adapter focuses on bypassing the headset's microphone to utilize the internal microphone of the mask or other ECP-equipped devices, ensuring clear communication without interference.

Compact and Efficient Design

As the market's smallest and most robust gas mask communications adapter, the DGMA offers an uncomplicated and effective solution for connecting protective masks equipped with ECPs to both existing and future individual communications setups. Its straightforward design eliminates the need for extra wires, clips, or plugs, providing a plug-and-play experience that minimizes distractions in complex environments.

Broad Compatibility for Enhanced Operational Flexibility

The DGMA is compatible with a wide range of protective masks, including the C50, M50, FM53, FM54, or any other masks utilizing a 2 pin ECP port for the U-173/U type connection. Additionally, it supports MFF (Military Free Fall) communications-enabled oxygen masks like the MBU-12/P, offering extensive adaptability across different operational scenarios.

Seamless Integration with NATO Wired Push to Talks

Designed to work with all NATO wired push to talks that accept U174 style plugs, the DGMA enhances the versatility of communication systems, allowing for effortless connection with a variety of communication devices and ensuring operators can maintain clear lines of communication in any situation.


Key Features:

  • Bypass Functionality: Utilizes the mask's internal microphone, bypassing the headset's mic.
  • Compact and Robust: Market-leading design for simplicity and durability.
  • Plug and Play: Easy operation without additional setup complications.
  • Wide Compatibility: Supports a vast array of protective masks with ECPs and NATO wired push to talks.
  • American Craftsmanship: Made in the USA for superior quality and reliability.

For operators in need of a reliable and straightforward communication solution for their protective gear, the GAS MASK ADAPTER (DGMA) offers an unparalleled option, merging innovative design with extensive compatibility and ease of use.

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