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BNC RA Ultra-Flexible Antenna Relocation Cable

Unprecedented Maneuverability for Tactical Gear

Our Ultra-Flexible Antenna Relocation Cable redefines the boundaries of adaptability, effortlessly weaving through the complexities of a user’s tactical setup with unparalleled flexibility. Engineered to accommodate the demanding frequencies utilized by modern military transceivers, this cable minimizes signal degradation, ensuring peak communication performance under all conditions.

Strategic Antenna Relocation for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The 30" variant of our Ultra-Flexible Antenna Relocation Cable empowers military operatives to optimally reposition their antennas. This strategic adjustment improves line of sight (LOS) communications, significantly reduces interference, and eliminates visual distractions posed by antenna placement. By optimizing the antenna’s position to the highest feasible point on the user's body, we achieve a substantial enhancement in communication efficiency, crucial for mission-critical operations.

Superior Antenna Placement for Unmatched Communication Clarity

Achieving optimal antenna placement, our Antenna Relocation Cable (ARC) allows for the antenna to be relocated away from the operator's radio to a superior vantage point on the user's body. This is facilitated through a selection of all-black RF connectors, designed for versatility and performance, ensuring that communication remains clear and uninterrupted.

Tailored Configuration and Unwavering Reliability

  • RF Connection Hardware: Equipped with durable all-black BNC Right Angle Male to BNC Right Angle Male connectors, providing a cohesive and reliable connection for antenna relocation.
  • Cable Length Options: Available in 19", 24", 30", or 45" lengths, our ultra-flexible, low-loss cable offers customizable solutions tailored to meet the specific demands and preferences of any operation.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Each cable comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, as detailed in our terms of service, reinforcing our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Domestic Manufacturing Excellence: Manufactured with pride in the USA, our cables reflect the highest standards of quality and innovation, underscoring our dedication to supporting domestic production excellence.


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