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  • 48"

The BNC Ultra-Flexible Antenna Relocation Cable

Optimized Flexibility for Complex Tactical Environments

Our Ultra-Flexible Antenna Relocation Cable exemplifies supreme adaptability, skillfully designed to navigate the intricate environments of tactical gear. It boasts a remarkable ability to execute tight turns required for seamless routing, all while being rated for the higher frequencies utilized by contemporary military transceivers, thus ensuring minimal signal degradation.

Antenna Placement for Enhanced Operational Performance

This ultra-flexible antenna relocation cable offers tactical communicators the ability to strategically adjust their antenna placement. Such adjustments not only improve line of sight (LOS) communications but also substantially reduce interference and minimize distractions caused by the antenna's presence within the operator's field of vision. This strategic relocation is pivotal for achieving a heightened level of operational efficiency.

Maximizing Communication Efficiency through Elevated LOS Antenna Positioning

The emphasis on positioning LOS antennas at the highest feasible points on the communicator's body is a critical factor in drastically enhancing communication efficiency. Our Antenna Relocation Cable (ARC) facilitates this by allowing for the antenna to be moved away from the operator’s radio and relocated to an elevated position on the body, utilizing our wide range of all-black RF connectors for seamless and reliable connection.

Tailored Solutions and Uncompromising Quality Assurance

  • RF Connection Hardware: Our offering includes all-black RF connection hardware with BNC Male to BNC Male connectors, ensuring a robust and aesthetically consistent setup for antenna relocation.
  • Cable Length Variability: With options for 19", 24", 30", and 45"  AND 48" lengths, our ultra-flexible, low-loss cable accommodates diverse operational needs, providing tailored solutions for optimal performance.
  • Warranty and Manufacturing Pledge: Backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty, as detailed in our terms of service, we guarantee satisfaction and reliability. Proudly manufactured in the USA, our cables are a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and domestic production excellence.

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