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Ultra Flexible Relocation Cable (TNC)

Enhanced Compatibility for Modern and Legacy Military Radios

Our Ultra Flexible Relocation Cable is the quintessential accessory for military communicators using state-of-the-art and legacy radio systems. Designed to effortlessly integrate with modern military radios such as the PRC-163 and PRC-148C (IMBITR), as well as other devices operating beyond 512MHz, this cable is also fully compatible with older models featuring TNC antenna attachment points, including the PRC-152 and PRC-148. This wide-ranging compatibility ensures that users across different generations of military technology can achieve optimal communication performance.

Superior Flexibility for Complex Configurations

Crafted for unmatched flexibility, this cable excels in navigating the intricate turns and configurations required by a user's tactical gear. Its design prioritizes minimal signal loss while accommodating the higher frequencies used by contemporary military transceivers, thereby ensuring reliable communication in various operational environments.

Strategic Antenna Relocation for Enhanced Communications

The Ultra Flexible Antenna Relocation Cable (ARC) provides a pivotal advantage by allowing the user to relocate their antenna, thereby improving line of sight (LOS) communications, minimizing potential interference, and reducing distractions from antennas obstructing the user's field of view. Optimizing antenna placement to ensure it remains as elevated as possible on the communicator's body can significantly enhance communication efficiency, making every mission more effective.

Robust and Customizable Connection Solutions

The ARC sets itself apart with an array of all-black RF connectors (TNC M to TNC F), facilitating the seamless relocation of the antenna to a more advantageous position on the communicator’s body. The environmentally sealed, over-molded construction of the connectors ensures durability and reliability in various environmental conditions.

Product Specifications:

  • RF Connection Hardware: All-black TNC M to TNC F connectors, providing a robust and aesthetically pleasing solution for antenna relocation.
  • Cable Length Options: Available in 19", 24", or 30" lengths, our ultra-flexible, low-loss cable offers customizable solutions to fit the unique needs and preferences of each user.
  • Quality Assurance: Each cable is supported by a one-year manufacturer warranty, as detailed in our terms of service, ensuring your investment is protected.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: Committed to supporting domestic manufacturing, our Ultra Flexible Relocation Cables are produced in the United States, adhering to the highest standards of quality and innovation.

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