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OPS-CORE AMP Helmet Rail Mount Kit

  • TAN 499
  • Black
  • Ranger Green


The AMP Helmet Rail Mount Kit is design enables a superior earseal and greater helmet stabilization. Attaching directly to the Ops-Core ARC™ Rails, the mounting system allows a custom fit to suit each operator’s specific needs.  

When a helmet mounted headset is preferred, this kit provides unrivaled performance. Designed specifically for use with Ops-Core ARC Rails by the same company that pioneered them and revolutionized the helmet industry.ARM

  • ARTICULATION ADJUSTMENT Allows the earcups to be set in several  different positions, including an engaged,  on ear position while in use, a vent position  on the helmet rim, and stowed.
  • GIMBAL ATTACHMENT A single point gimbal attachment to the earcups allows for 360˚ adjustment,  enabling better fitment and a superior  earseal, maintained throughout the range  of motion of the user’s head.
  • CABLE MANAGEMENT The integrated cable management clip on the rail arms, combined with included hook and loop fasteners, provides streamlined cable management.
  • STOWAGE Earcups rotate to the side or rear of helmet when  not in use, creating low profile stowage.

Sold as Pair 

Made in the USA 

User Manual

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