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Broadband 45″ Blade Antenna


Broadband 45" Blade Antenna Overview

Crafted with precision and durability in the USA, the Broadband 13" Blade Antenna offers unmatched performance for VHF/UHF handheld applications. This Mil-Spec, robust antenna operates within the 30-512 MHz frequency range, ensuring comprehensive coverage and reliability across various communication scenarios.

Rugged Design and Submersible Capability

Measuring at a length of 45 inches erect, this blade-style antenna combines flexibility with the ruggedness needed for demanding environments. It is designed to withstand submersion up to 20 meters, making it ideal for handheld applications in both terrestrial and aquatic operations.

Technical Excellence

  • Frequency Range: Broadband coverage from 30 – 512 MHz.
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms Nominal, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of devices.
  • Gain: Gain 30-60 MHz > -20dBi, 60-90 MHz > -10dBi, 90-174 MHz > -6dBi,
    174-512 MHz > -4dBi
  • VSWR: Maintained at 3.5:1 Maximum for efficient performance.
  • Polarization: Vertical orientation for consistent signal propagation.
  • Pattern: Omni-Directional, offering uniform coverage.
  • Connector: Equipped with a “TNC” Male connector for easy integration.
  • Max Height: 45 inches.
  • RF Power Capacity: Handles up to 8 Watt CW, accommodating robust communication needs.
  • DC Resistance: Infinite, indicating a purely inductive load.

Enhanced Compatibility with Adapters

No adapter is required for TNC radios, emphasizing the antenna's plug-and-play nature. Additionally, a 50% discount is offered on specific adapters when purchased alongside the blade antenna, enhancing versatility across different radio models:

  • BLACK TNC ADAPTER (SMA F): Ideal for coupling broadband antennas to Baofeng or similar handheld radios.
  • BLACK TNC ADAPTER (SMA M): Designed to securely adapt military broadband antennas for use on Yaesu or similar radios.

Backed by rigorous manufacturing standards and a commitment to quality, the Broadband 13" Blade Antenna stands as a testament to American engineering, offering tactical operators a reliable, high-performance solution for enhanced communication across diverse operational spectrums.

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