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Patrol Officer Bundle (Comtac VI)

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Patrol Officer Bundle (COMTAC VI)

This package includes :

Ops-Core FAST® SF  High Cut Helmet - Ranger Green
PELTOR ComTac VI (Single Lead, Coyote Brown)
DISCO32®  - Modular Speaker Mic (MSM)

Quickly upgrade your communications and ballistic helmet kit, this package is interoperable and allows the tactical communicators to quickly change posture leveraging the unique capabilities of the DISCO32 MSM, and the ballistic protection of the Ops-Core FAST® SF  High Cut Helmet.

These packages are sold in sets and helmets are procured on a by order basis, lead time for Ops-Core FAST® SF  High Cut Helmets vary but can be up to 8 wks after order received.

Individuals can order using the preorder link above.

Agencies can place orders via official purchase order by emailing or by cash in advance using pre order link above. 

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